Author Guidelines

1. This journal is published to promote the development of religious and cultural thought. The Tashwirul Afkat journal is committed to transforming religious and social thought to build a democratic society in a civil society forum.

2. Authors should provide a letter stating that the manuscripts have not been, or are being considered, published in other journal publications.

3. The manuscript should include Structure:

  1. The title should be short, clear, and informative, but no more than 12 words. The title must be in English, Arabic, and Indonesian.
  2. The name of the author and institution. The author's name must be accompanied by the institution and the author's e-mail address, without an academic degree and/or work degree.
  3. Abstract and keywords. The abstract must be less than 200 words. Abstracts must be in English, Arabic, and Indonesian. The keyword must be 4 out of 5 phrases in English, Arabic and Indonesian.
  4. Introduction, this section explains the background and purpose of writing the manuscript.
  5. Discussion, this section describes:
  • The results of research.
  • Concludes and provides the policy implications of the study.
  • This section must include papers, books, or other types of publications referred to in the manuscript
  • The references used are the results of the main research, primary sources, and other references according to scientific standards.

4. The manuscript was made using A-4 paper, one side, and two spaces. A new paragraph should start 5 characters from the left margin, using a size of 12.

5. Manuscript not less than 4000 words.

6. The top and bottom margins are 1 inch.

7. The title is written in uppercase in 14 font letters, in the center position.

8. Subtitles are written in capital letters, starting from the left margin. Sub of Subtitles are written in capital letters only at the beginning of each word except for connecting words.

9. References must be from publications of the last ten years, except for key references.

10. A short curriculum vitae that records full name, academic title, institution, telephone, fax, and mobile number should accompany the manuscript